Dance Masters

Dance Masters- The best of Irish Dance, the spectacular dance phenomenon that has captured the imagination of millions of people all over the world, has its earliest recorded origins amongst the simple country folk of Ireland during the late 16th and 17th centuries.
The much anticipated visits of the travelling Dance Master, during the 1700’s, were the highlights of a harsh life spent working on the land. Men and women, boys and girls would meet at the local crossroads to play music, sing songs and learn the latest steps from their “celebrity” travelling Dance Master.“A rolling stone gathers no moss”. Such was the plight of the Dance Master, who loved and lost and loved and lost again, living a life of loneliness in spite of his popularity and position in the rural society of the time.

Traditions kept alive and fostered by the Dance Master then passed on through the generations and have led us to a modern day Dance Master, Patrick, who performs the lead role in an international Irish Dance show. Along with his passion for dance, Patrick longs to win the heart of the beautiful Kate, his co-star in the show. Unfortunately, Kate is totally unaware of Patrick’s desires, and is in fact being courted by Kevin, another cast member.

One night, exhausted after the show, Patrick falls asleep in the theatre. Two mischievous fairies appear in his dreams to lead him back through the ages of many Dance Masters who have gone before. Always in his dreams is the beautiful Kate, beguiling and unattainable.

What cards will fate deal him? How will he win the heart of the lady of his dreams.

The Journey of the Dance Masters.

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