Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey has a unique pedigree – an All Ireland Uillean Pipeand Whistle Champion, singer/songwriter as well as playing 5-string banjo and guitar and now actor .

Finbar has been round the block many times with brother Eddie, recording for Transatlantic records in the 60’s and after 30 years of phenomenal success as the frontman for the family group, Finbar decided it was time to pursue his solo career and concentrate particularly on his own song writing, singing and playing the instruments for which he is loved- the uileann pipes, 5 string banjo and the low whistle.

Finbar’s reputation as a solo artist has increased with every performance. He has toured extensively in Britain, Australia and Europe, treating audiences to evenings of pure Irish magic, great music, good humour, and the charm and sparkling wit associated with one of Ireland’s great raconteurs

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